Passion drives my need to paint

My interest for art has always been strong; I have been drawn to the arts since I was a young child, and I have painted since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush in my hand. For me, to paint is instinctual.


My inspiration is drawn from the environment I find myself in, and my artworks are an expression of thought, moods and atmosphere. I listen to loud music when I am painting, which gives me inspiration and energy to create a new piece of work; each expresses a meaningful meeting somewhere between impulse and consciousness.

The artistic creation I use for each artwork is highly unique. I love using contrasting and generous colors with dramatic lines. I like playing with the human unconsciousness by making images appear and hiding messages and images in the layers of the paintings. When I prepare a new piece, I apply layers of white and soft tones on the background. On top of that I play with a block of colors. The relationship between the soft harmonious background and the more dramatic and powerful foreground makes my artwork unique and gives the perfect balance between energy and peace.

My art is my love – my love is my art


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